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Visiting rules

How to visit the park

From 1 July 2021, the visit discipline will be active, find out how to visit the Park on foot and by bike, click here!

The Park is open all over the year, excluding the Christmas day.

Before entering any of the itineraries, tickets must be purchased at the Visitor Centre or online at the Park’s website www.parco-maremma.it the day before the visit. Anyone not in possession of a ticket will be subject to an administrative fine.

The itineraries can be covered either individually or in groups, accompanied or not by a guide, depending on the time of year (guided tours are compulsory during the period of high danger from forest fires – normally from 15 June to 15 September each year).

General indications for visiting on foot:

  • Wear hiking shoes
  • Bring along the trail map available at the Visitors’ Centre
  • Bring with you water, a rain coat, a hat and a mosquito repellant
  • Bring a mask and disinfectant gel
  • Keep social distancing

How to behave

  • Stay on the signed paths and follow the indications
  • Respect plants, animals and the environment and don’t take anything you come across along the paths with you.
  • Don’t make noises
  • Do not disturb wild animals and don’t feed them
  • Do not leave any waste
  • Don‘t smoke on itineraries
  • Light fires is forbidden and extremely dangerous

  • Do not introduce pets, even on leash

During the summer

With the entry into force of the summer regulations against forest fires imposed by the Region of Tuscany during the summer period, the Park can be visited in a well-defined manner. for more information read on HERE.

The departure point for the Alberese itineraries is at “Pinottolai” (Strada del Mare).

Spring, autumn and winter

During this period of the year, visits are free of charge for an entrance fee.

During the winter period, a car park is available for visitors at the start of the itineraries in the locality of “Pinottolai” (Strada del Mare) where parking is only possible for holders of the Park entrance ticket who have the relevant badge to display on their vehicle. Parking of vehicles without a badge will be punished according to the current regulations.