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The “recommended establishments” are those tourist-accommodation facilities (hotels, farmhouses, guest houses, trattorias, restaurants and tourist service management companies) located within the perimeter of the Park area and the adjacent area. The businesses participating in the project must guarantee urban planning/building compliance of the properties within which the activity is carried out, in addition to compliance with the municipal authorization for carrying out the tourist service activity and must meet certain environmental quality standards as well as current environmental laws and regulations. In particular, they must comply with the guidelines determined by the UNI EN ISO 14001 Certification, issued and periodically verified by the certification company DNV GL Business Assurance, by the Environmental Policy defined by the Presidency of the Institution as well as by the Ecological Regulations relating to the Recommended Exercises approved by the Board of Directors of the institution itself.

The facilities, which conform the project, have to guarantee the urbanistic conformity of buildings, the Council authorization to work in the tourism; they have to satisfy the environmental quality and follow laws about the respect of the environment.

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To be more precise the environmental characteristics which have to be satisfied from the facilities are:

  1. Reduce plastic drink containers and eliminate disposable cutlery and plates
  2. Use recycled paper and/or eco-friendly paper.
  3. Adopt low consumption lamps and other measures to save energy and water consumption
  4. Organize separate waste collection
  5. Prepare typical dishes
  6. Provide information on park initiatives
  7. Appoint an “environment manager” as contact person for the park staff
  8. Deliver satisfaction questionnaires to customers (questionnaire, internet forum or other systems).

Verification of compliance with the above principles is guaranteed with office activities and also through the distribution of a “Satisfaction Questionnaire” that guests of the facilities can complete at the end of their stay. “Satisfaction Questionnaire”

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Park “Recommended facilities” guests have a discount of 20% on all Maremma Park itineraries.

Park “Excellence Recommended Facilities” guests have a discount of 30% on all Maremma Park itineraries.

Environmental Excellence

Some Park recommended facilities have another and additional award, the “Environmental Excellence”. This is an award for the most virtuous facilities. In the facilities list map they have the flower symbol.

Use of ENERGY – Making the production and end uses of energy more efficient and sustainable is one of the priority objectives. The construction of plants for the production of electricity through renewable sources compatible with the legislation in force in the protected area and in the adjacent area is encouraged;

Use of WATER – The sustainable use of water resources requires qualitative and quantitative protection, with the aim of satisfying current and future needs. Higher efficiency in the use of water can be achieved through the reduction of pollution of water resources, the modernization of the network and systems, the elimination of waste, the recovery of purified waste water for compatible uses and the strengthening of reserves of rainwater;

Environmental Certifications – This parameter refers to the acquisition by the business of at least one certification (ISO 14001, EMAS, Eco-Label, SA 8000, 100%, Green Energy, etc.);

ORGANIC Agricultural Production – Adherence to the organic method of agricultural production and breeding is evaluated for the entire company surface and for all agricultural production processes. Companies must adhere to the specifications set out in EC Regulations 834/07 and 889/08 as well as comply with the relevant national and regional transposition regulations.

The qualified and certified establishments, through the official verification by the Park Authority of the aforementioned requirements, are identified through a Management Determination and are marked on the map of Recommended Exercises with the flower symbol.