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Tours on horseback

A guided excursion on horseback is a special, strong and ancient experience, which allows total immersion in the landscapes and rhythms of the Maremma.

The one from the horse is the point of view from which the Maremma has been seen for centuries, when there were almost no roads and there was no other “off-road vehicle” with which to move in a land made of scrub, uncultivated land and marshes. For this reason, the horse is today an ideal means of visiting the Park. Especially in spring, with the blooms, in September and October, or on beautiful winter days.

From the top of a mount the view is much broader, and you can see things that you can’t see on foot. You can go to places not accessible to visitors on foot or by bicycle, and even pass where you can’t see any human traces. Or in the midst of a herd of large Maremma cows.

If you maintain silence, a horseback excursion is also the best way to see wild animals, such as deer and wild boars. Our scent is covered by that of the horse and does not alarm them, and some of them are now accustomed to its presence. Some don’t even move.

A horseback excursion is also a human experience. In fact, the butteri, the guardians of the wild breeding of Maremma cattle, have always worked and still work today on horseback. It may happen that you come across them, in the Ombrone plain, in any weather, checking or moving the herds from one pasture to another, in their hand the long stick with the curved end with which they open and close the gates without dismounting from the horse.

An excursion in the Park is an experience that in some stables is also open to those who have never ridden a horse.

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