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The forgotten (and saved) coast

If you come, you will discover a large island of nature overlooking the sea.

If you come, you will discover a large island of nature overlooking the sea. A rare island, because a Mediterranean nature so intact and rich in animals has disappeared almost everywhere. A beautiful, solitary and silent island, to visit and enjoy all year round. What is his story?

There is no other place like this.

Imagine twenty kilometers of coast as it might have been a hundred or thousand years ago. With a very long beach, perhaps the most beautiful in Italy, where you can discover how full of life all the beaches of the Mediterranean once were. Behind, nine thousand hectares of hills and plains, of woods and evergreen scrub crossed by porcupines, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boars, foxes and wolves. But also ponds, marshes and a river frequented by thousands of birds, one of the great migratory crossroads of the Mediterranean. A wild but gentle nature, which still preserves the treasures of its history: a large abandoned abbey, the grand ducal villa, the butteri who continue the tradition of wild breeding of Maremma cattle.

How is it possible that a place like this was saved?

Once upon a time, all the low coasts were like this, while men lived inland, on the hills and mountains. However, in the last hundred years everything has changed. While the interior was depopulated and the woods began to return, the coast was filled with cities, roads and tourist centers. Except here.

This long stretch of Maremma coast, made up of large estates and hunting reserves, hidden behind the Uccellina hills and the Ombrone plain, has been forgotten. And when the plans were ready to transform it into another piece of ordinary coast, the Tuscany Region created its first protected area. It was 1975. Since then the Park has preserved the Maremma of the past, with its natural, historical and human treasures. To reveal them to those who choose to visit it.