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At the beach

The beauty of the Maremma Park is that it is a protected area on the sea, or rather that it is one of the very few long stretches of coastline preserved intact in Italy. Even rarer, here there is the only large intact beach, that of Collelungo, to remind us of what all Italian beaches once were like.

Principina a Mare beach

It is known as the “beach of the huts”, although the practice of moving wood to build them is actually not allowed. It can be reached by car, and parking is free, or by bus from Grosseto, or by bicycle with the cycle path that connects Grosseto to Marina di Grosseto.

Marina di Alberese beach

It is the beach south of the mouth of the Ombrone and extends for a few kilometers until reaching Collelungo. Near the beach there is a Service Center, where there are toilets, a refreshment point, a sales point for local products and an information point, active on a seasonal basis. The beach is also accessible to people with motor disabilities, with a dedicated rest area, which leads to a walkway with three shaded positions and a job chair that allows you to reach the sea.

Si può raggiungere la spiaggia in auto o in moto, con un’area di sosta a pagamento, regolata da una sbarra presente in prossimità di Vaccareccia. Dato che i posti di sosta sono limitati, al raggiungimento del numero massimo la sbarra si chiude autonomamente sino a che non ci creano nuovi spazi liberi. Lungo la strada che porta a Marina di Alberese, prima delle colonne di Spergolaia,  è visibile un display che indica il numero dei posti disponibili.

The beach can also be reached by shuttle bus, active in summer and with trips implemented from late spring until the end of summer with departures from the hamlets of Alberese and Rispescia, or by bike along the free cycle path.

Collelungo beach

This beach, dominated by the tower of the same name, is located right in the heart of the Park, and for this reason it cannot be reached either by car or bus, but only on foot, along the seafront from Marina di Alberese, or via the route A2 The Towers..

Cala di Forno

This splendid cove can be reached via the itinerary  A4 Cala di Forno, accessible in summer, only on specific dates with guided tours and by reservation.

Cala Salto del Cervo

This small but suggestive cove is located in the central part of the Park and can only be reached on foot (after purchasing a ticket) with the route C1 Salto del Cervo, which in summer can only be visited with guided tours and by reservation.

Cannelle beach

The Cannelle bay is located in the southern part of the Park and can only be reached on foot along the route T2 Le Cannelle, accessible all year round only with guided tours and by reservation.