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A2 The Towers

The "perfect" itinerary to start getting to know the Park, visiting some of the most beautiful places and enjoying spectacular views of the Ombrone plain, the Uccellina chain, the sea and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago.

The walk begins on flat ground, with slight undulations, in the suggestive Grand Ducal pine forest. In fact, you walk on ancient sandbars on which six hundred hectares of pine trees were planted in the 19th century, to which is now added an undergrowth of large mastic and juniper bushes. It is an environment rich in foxes, porcupines, deer and wild boars, whose footprints can be found almost everywhere, and in birds whose calls and flapping of their wings can constantly be heard.

Once you reach the Turtle Bridge, you cross the Scoglietto-Collelungo canal, and after skirting the caves you begin to go up on the left through a low scrub of rosemary, lentisk, holm oak and cistus, what only a few centuries ago was a cliff overlooking the sea . From here you soon overlook a "sea" of pine crowns that stretches as far as the eye can see, up to the real sea and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. Once on the ridge, continue on a wide and flat path, up to the small Precoriale pond and then to the beginning of the short climb to the Castel Marino tower, documented already in the thirteenth century and part of the sighting system for the defense against the incursions of the Barbary pirates. From up here you can enjoy perhaps the most beautiful and varied panorama of the entire Park.

You then descend to the tranquility of the ancient monumental olive grove of Collelungo, pasture for deer and Maremmane, from where you can overlook the Cavalleggeri plain. From here in a short time you reach the Collelungo tower, almost overlooking the sea, from which you can enjoy yet another panorama. A short and steep path descends from here to the Collelungo beach, among the most beautiful and intact in Italy. Those who have the time and desire to enjoy it can continue for three kilometers to Cala Rossa.

Once you cross the dune again, you return to the pine forest, and soon take the path that runs along the Scoglietto-Collelungo canal, in dense Mediterranean scrub. Since the outlet to the sea was closed by the dune, the canal has been transformed into a swamp rich in life, where in the right season it is not difficult to encounter marsh turtles, ducks, kingfishers, foxes, and deer at the watering point.

Once you reach the Turtle Bridge again, you take the pine forest again along the little road from the outward journey.

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Ticket Cost

  • Adults: € 10.00
  • Reduced: € 5.00 (children from 6 to 14 years, groups min. 20 people*, students up to 25 years of age)
  • Reservation and guide service are mandatory for groups of 20 or more

The itinerary ticket can also be purchased online in autumn and winter, while in spring and summer only at the Alberese visitor center (via del bersagliere 7/9)