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Talamone Acquarium

The Talamone Acquarium is an info point of the Tuscany Biodiversity Observatory.

The aquarium reproduces in a very accurate and correct way the typical Mediterranean sea environment, very interesting for the ecology of region. Inside, the different types of sea bed, the species of Fauna and Flora, have been fine represented. There is a shells collection, a photographic exhibit and didactic interactive itineraries. The aquarium is managed by a team of biologists and it’s possible during the summer too, to organise didactic laboratories with the Park rangers and guides, on booking.

Inside the Sea Turtles Rescue Centre sea turtles which are in difficult, are attended and hosted. Once the turtles are fine they are released in the nature. The veterinary first aid is available 24/24.

As info point of the Tuscany Biodiversity Observatory, the Talamone Aquarium is the point to have any informations about the activities done by Tuscany for the safeguard of cetaceans ad sea turtles.


Via Nizza, 20 – Talamone

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Info to the Alberese Visitor Centre, +39 0564 407098

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