The park's itineraries

** We inform you that the carriage rides of Boschetto del Lasco and Boschetto del Lasco at night are not possible in the 2020 season. The remaining excursions (Pineta Granducale and Pineta Granducale at night) can be booked by contacting Enrico Cheli di Carrozze di Maremma directly at +39 330 417 134 or by writing to

Chariot excursions offer a different way to visit the Maremma Park: with the new chariots which have 20 seats for abled people and 8 seats for disabled people, it’s possible to reach various charming locations in the Park.

The silent step of the carthorses gives the possibility to approach the wild fauna and to watch animals without to frighten them. That’s valid for maremman cows and maremman horses too.

The chariot is useful to visit particolar itineraries which are far, by walk, from the village of Alberese.

The chariot tour is also good for the birdwatchers who come during the Winter and the Spring; in fact it’s possible to cover the chariot with a ground cloth and to reach the winter locations of migrant birds with the bad weather too.