The park's itineraries

The excursions (Pineta Granducale and Pineta Granducale at night and Boschetto del Lasco) can be booked by contacting Enrico Cheli di Carrozze di Maremma directly at +39 330 417 134 or by writing to

Every day it is possible to walk on horseback in the most unusual places in the Park. The routes vary in length and will lead you to discover the most fascinating places in the Park. Particularly suggestive is the itinerary at sunset, an ideal time to meet the animals that inhabit the Reserve.The carriage is also very suitable for the use of existing itineraries but far from the urban area of ​​Alberese, which require visitors prepared for the long journey. During the morning excursions there are often encounters with the mythical Butteri and unmissable encounters with the wild cattle (cows and Maremma horses) they look after
A magical opportunity to visit the park in the light of the sunset, to the relaxing rhythm of the carriages.
Each itinerary is suitable from 0 to 100 years old and, in low season, can be organized on schedules, stops and personalized routes.Each route will be guided and entertained by Enrico Cheli, Environmental Equestrian Guide, who will show you the territory of the Maremma, his history, its flora and fauna.