Bella Marsilia

Inside the Maremma Park there’s a tower called Bella Marsilia Tower, to remember a beautiful girl of the past. In 1500 this tower was part of a big castle, property of the rich Marsili family. Margherita, the daughter, a girl with purple eyes and red hair, was very beautiful and proud. During a stormy night some pirates, guided by the cruel leader Ariodemo Barbarossa, attacked the castle. The beautiful girl Margherita was kidnapped to be sell to sultan Solimano I. At the Solimano I palace Margherita, thanks to her beauty and intelligence, became the preferred girl in the harem. In fact Selim II, the successor sultan, was her son and Margherita Marsili died in Costantinopoli, in 1566, without come back to her home. During the sunsets it’s possible to see red hair to climb the rock to the ancient Bella Marsilia Tower.

The abbey treasure

San Rabano abbey had a lot of treasures, defended by a particular “antitheft”, as evil ghosts. A countrywoman, who lived close to the abbey, dreamt that treasure and she wanted it, so she constantly asked her husband to find it, but he was frightened to meet ghosts. During a stormy night the woman called her husband and told him to try to find the treasure because, during a so stormy night, ghosts certainly slept. So the man left home and climbed the hill to San Rabano abbey. When he arrived to the abbey, he lighted a little fire and he saw a big black spider, and usually spiders live near the treasures. At a certain point somebody or something began to throw some stones to him and the man saw a dark person with a phosphorescent face. The man began to speak with that person, or that thing, and he tried to discover where the treasure was, but the strange person told him to go away and then he killed the poor man by a sword. Next morning the other countrymen found him dead, without wounds and near the big black spider.


The golden hen

Some years ago, during a stormy night, a young hunter, who hadn’t taken nothing, climb on the Uccellina mountains to San Rabano abbey. While he was climbing he saw a black cat, fixed on the path, watching him with evil eyes, and then he met a strange monk with the cowl. He seemed a ghost, because, after a little time, he disappeared. So the frightened hunter arrived to san Rabano abbey and he lighted a fire. Suddenly he heard something moving and a strange cheeping. He thought there was some chickens, but when he saw it, he was amazed. There was a golden hen with twelve golden chicks. An ancient local legend says that every 100 years a golden hen with chicks appears in the San Rabano abbey location. If a person is brave to follow it, he can find a fantastic treasure. The same thing was happened to the grandfather of his grandfather, but he didn’t succeed, because he was frightened by some ghosts. So the young hunter followed the hen in a cave, he walked a long time and at a certain point he found a fantastic treasure with diamonds, silver and gold, but the strange monk, the black cat and others knights protected it. So the hunter escaped outside and he blacked out. The next morning with the sun high, the young hunter looked for the cave, but he didn’t find anything. Then he came back to home but when his grandmother saw him, she frightened, because the young man had white hair and he seemed an old man, due the terrible passed night.

Alberese jellyfishes

Narba was a pallid and melancholy girl; her parents, countrymen, needed her help, but nothing. She stayed long time to the sea, but she was afraid of sun, so she stayed under the shadow. The sun was offended because he wanted to see the girl’s face. A summer windy day, the Mistral wind told the sun he had exposed the girl’s face. But nothing. So the libeccio wind tried and, not only he exposed the girl’s face, but he destroyed the beach and the girl drowned into the sea. During the night the moon had compassion and she resuscitated the girl, gave her a bit of her light and she built for her an umbrella to defend her by the sun. So Narba became the big bright jellyfish. Today she produces the jellyfishes that we can see sometime in the Marina di Alberese sea.