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Night itinerary by canoe

The excursion will be active, by reservation from Saturday 5th June.

Find all the information on the website www.silvacoop.com/canoa
To request an excursion fill out the relative form.

You can contact us on WhatsApp by clicking here

Or you can call us at +39 375 582 8328 (hours: 9-12 15-19)
Reservations required by 5pm the day before the visit.

Do you want to end a beautiful day with an unforgettable excursion? Then the sunset in a canoe is for you! Lulled by the waters of the river, you paddle until you reach a stretch of the watercourse where, surrounded only by the sounds of nature, you expect the sun, descending below the horizon, to color the sky red.

It is not possible to book the sunset in a canoe on the same days as the full moon.


For information, visit www.silvacoop.com

Gliding silently on the river following the reflection of the full moon on the water, pampered by the rhythmic noise of the paddles, interrupted from time to time by the songs of birds or the sounds of other wild animals, is an example of the sensations that can be experienced during the night canoe excursion on the Ombrone. Live with us this beautiful experience in the Park!

For information you can call or send a whatsapp message to the number +39 375 582 8328, or you can write to the email info@silvacoop.com
To request an excursion, fill out the form on the website www.silvacoop.com/canoa


Departure: From “La Barca” location, near Alberese
Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Disabled people: NO
Tickets: 25€