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Torre Alta/Cala di Forno: riding in the legend

The itinerary is currently not available.

Min. 3 max 8 partecipants

The itinerary goes across Mediterranean woods in offering a fantastic panoramic views, until to reach the beautiful Cala di Forno beach. We go along “Alta” tower, property of Aldobrandeschi at the beginning of XIII century, where during the XVI century, in following a famous legend, Margherita Marsili, named “la bella Marsilia” was kidnapped by Ottoman pirates. The “Sasso della Signora” location remembers that lady, because she used to go to this panoramic location to rest and to watch the fantastic landscape of the sea coast. For people with experienced.

Booking and guide service are compulsory, but not included in the ticket.


Departure: Parking of Tenuta dell’Uccellina, near Collecchio
Distance: 10km
Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Difficult
Tickets: 10€