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C1 Salto del Cervo


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Adults: € 10.00 - Reduced: € 5.00 (children from 6 years to 14 years, groups min. 20 people*, students up to 25 years of age)

The route can be purchased either online (at least 24 hours before the planned excursion) or at the Alberese visitor centre.

The path

The departure and the arrival is in the agritourism “Tenuta Agricola dell’Uccellina”, “Pod. Giulia” location, in the agricultural area in the Collecchio Land at the altitude of about 10 meters s.l. The halfway points are Torre Bassa, (about 80 meters s.l.) of the “Collecchium” complex, the “Bella Marsilia” tower, property of Aldobrandeschi family from 1210; the “Vasche di argilla” (145 meters s.l.), tanks used to drink by wild boars; the panoramic point of Poggio alle Sugherine, (292 meters s.l.) where there’s a panoramic viewpoint building, which gives to the visitor an amazing view and, the panoramic point of “gli Sgrottati” (100 meters s.l.) from which we can admire the Uccellina Mountains with the towers, the beautiful coast line and some islands of the “Arcipelago Toscano”. The itinerary ends with the downhill to the “Salto del Cervo” beach, giving to the visitor an exclusive access to one of the most suggestive location in the Park.

Booking and guide are compulsory for groups from 20 people.