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A4 Cala di Forno


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Adults: € 10.00 - Reduced: € 5.00 (children from 6 years to 14 years, groups min. 20 people*, students up to 25 years of age)

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The departure of the itinerary also takes place from the Casetta dei Pinottolai, once the ticket has been purchased, the visitor center provides an authorization to be affixed on the dashboard to be able to leave the car in loc. Pinottolai, From this point the itinerary continues along the existing road in the Granducale pine forest, for a length of about 1600 metres, until it reaches the wooden bridge for the pedestrian crossing, where a sign indicates the route for the A4 itinerary.

Broom, cistus and rosemary alternate with scrubland and centuries-old juniper woods. At the end of the path, the splendid bay of Cala di Forno rewards the long walk with an unforgettable landscape and sea.

In the past, the small bay of Cala di Forno had a non-secondary importance with regard to the main productive activity linked to the maquis that covers the Uccellina Mountains. In fact, the coal that was produced on the slope facing the sea was transported by caravans of mules to this locality and then loaded onto boats of limited draft and transferred to the ports of Talamone and Castiglione della Pescaia, from where, transferred onto larger boats, it was towards the markets. This activity certainly had a considerable consistency, so as to justify the presence of a customs office for the payment of heavy taxes, also in consideration of the fact that Cala di Forno was located on the border between the Medici Grand Duchy and the Spanish Presidios.

The building that still remains today housed the customs and, in a later period, part of the barracks of the Guardia di Finanza and the other part the home of a farmer who worked the surrounding farmland.

Taken from "Maremma Natural Park" Belforte Grafica - Livorno